Cost reduction

How is the national market for your company?


We know that the Brazilian company faces several difficulties in the current scenario:

How can IBSolutions help me?


We bring the Import Cost Reduction Program, which has as its main objective the increase of the profit margin through direct import. Our Cost Reduction Program has as main objectives:

What is the first step?

We can study and help understand the feasibility of the project with a single initial effort on your part: information sharing. Based on the technical information of the product, values practiced in the national market and consumption demand, we developed the project to verify the feasibility. And only with the feasibility of the project, a commercial proposal is made for the import.

But how does the Import Cost Reduction Program work?

  • Step 01

    Alignment of needs and opportunity and receipt of product information (invoice) and demands.

  • Step 02

    Internal analysis of IBSolutions' feasibility of reducing and presenting results and projecting scenarios (quantity and investment).

  • Step 03

    Commercial proposal and contract.

  • Step 04

    Development of products and / or structuring of the company and direct import shipments.

  • Step 05

    Process closure and comparison with projected scenarios.

How much is it possible to reduce?

reduzir custos com a importação

Cost reduction will always depend on the product and demand of each case, however, our projects bring an average of 30% cost reduction compared to that purchased nationally.

But how is it possible to reduce?

First importing direct! Direct import cuts links in the domestic market, which brings cost reduction, it is also possible to have a closer relationship with the supplier and achieve better negotiations. 

Another way is to use logistics tools at origin and destination, bringing good results in the final cost of the product. 

And finally, seek tax incentives for a reduction in the tax burden of a particular product or project.

But why participate in the Import Cost Reduction Program?

A project 100% made and suitable for the reality of your company. From according to the company’s demand and the capital available for investment. 

Our main pillars are: